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Big Mountain Adventure Newsletter January 2011
Happy New Year from BMA!! In This Issue
Big Mountain Adventure, LLC is ringing in the new year by opening registration for our Rock2Rock Adventure Race.  The goals for our BMA races include combining adventure, athleticism, multi-sport skills with strategy, while also incorporating environmental cleanup challenges to help build a strong, environmentally friendly racing community.

Spread the Word!
We are hoping to inspire as many people as possible to join in the adventure racing fun and comradery. Please share this newsletter with friends and family who also have a taste for adventure, and lets build a friendly and fun community of adventure enthusiasts in the Springs. Got adventure? Get some and get some more... and invite the other adrenaline junkies along with you!! :)

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Rock2Rock Registration Now Open!
Training for Adventure Races in Winter
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April 23rd, 2011:
Rock2Rock AR

July 16th, 2011:
Rampart RAGE AR

September 17th, 2011:
The Big Mountain Adventure
Rock2Rock Registration is Now Open!
Kick start your adrenaline reserves from the winter hibernation with the Rock2Rock adventure race in Colorado on April 23rd! Mountain bike, trek, and orienteer to ropes challenges including rappelling, traversing, or zip lining and conquer special challenges along this adventure-filled 6-9 hour course. Grab your teammates or brave it solo; we have a number of categories to accommodate any size group.

Beginners through seasoned adventure racers can all enjoy! The race will go through some of the area's nicest parks and trails from Monument to Colorado Springs. Winners of each division can look forward to a variety of exciting prizes, plus all racers will score a t-shirt and awesome swag... and of course some adrenaline induced memories! Share the excitement at our post race party with included food, beer, and a gear-filled prize raffle (thanks to our generous sponsors!).

Registration for Rock2Rock is open, cost is only $59/racer early registration until April 7th. $69/racer from April 8th to April 20th.

Got Adventure...? Get some!
More information about Rock2Rock AR
Register Today!

How to Train for an Adventure Race... In Winter
by James Luttrall

So we’re a third of the way through winter. The days are growing longer, bit by bit; but the snow is just now getting going. Though Colorado Springs averages 5.2 inches of snowfall in January, which is also its coldest month, March to April is the snowiest time [1,2]. We still have a good bit of winter left. So, what to do? Big Mountain Adventure's Rock2Rock race is just around the corner (April 23rd, 2011), and you're stuck inside. You've somehow got to get moving. I'm no personal trainer (unlike our very own Tony Lutack, who you can contact if you're interested in personal training and/or spin classes), but below are a few tips that I have found to be useful and we at BMA try to utilize.

Too Much Snow?
We in Colorado Springs live in one of the most amazing spots on Earth. Enjoy it! Due to our below average amounts of snowfall so far this winter, many excellent low elevation city trails are still in good condition for winter running and biking. Even with some snow and ice, there are some good options. Check out the City’s local trails.

Flat Trails!?!
Trails that don't have as many inclines and/or wooded areas will be especially clear in between snows. Since you may get stuck on relatively flat trails, take the time to do interval training with a weighted pack. Interval training is said to dramatically increase VO2max, plus it may make those less interesting trails a bit more fun. Any quick online search will lead you to some good articles on interval training and VO2max, but a brief summary is to run at normal pace for a while, then increase your pace for at least 30 seconds to a predetermined level (maybe 80% of maximum pace). Return to normal pace for a predetermined time, and then repeat the sequence. You may determine to change the interval to higher or lower levels to fit your need. Next time out, go a little harder. A useful tool for interval training is some sort of GPS device. Keep an eye on the GPS pacer as you go back down to what you think is a "normal" pace! If you don’t have one, check out our sponsors such as The Trailhead (Buena Vista), Mountain Chalet and Gearonimo. Many racers at our events will receive coupons for these stores!

Another useful idea for optimal utilization of flat trails is to use them to get your mileage up to near race requirements. Find out how many miles of biking and running you'll have to do for your first race and work out a plan to get your mileage up on flat trails. Then, throw in interval training to simulate hills.

Too Cold?
Bundle up and get out there! You’d be surprised how warm you’ll be even in the coldest of conditions when you start burning calories. Here are a few good tips from Gear Junkie on how to stay warm while running and biking (a buddy of mine and I have gotten good runs in on our coldest days so far this winter: 4° and 8° F highs, and we stayed plenty warm):
  • Unzip and vent, rather than layer
  • Use gloves and hats to regulate temperature first
  • Ball up your fingers inside your gloves if they’re not warm enough
  • Cover your face
  • Guys: preserve the family jewels. Consider windproof undies.
  • Run all the way to the finish, rather than having a cool-down time [3]
For the full article and more tips, see the Gear Junkie's winter running tips.

If All Else Fails...
As much as it pains an outdoor enthusiast to say this, if all else fails, go to the gym. To keep things interesting, and to get some good training utilizing the different muscle groups and exercise modalities needed for adventure racing, try doing intervals on different machines, especially running, biking and rowing. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), "VO2max is specific to the exercise modality," [4] so train with all types of movement needed for adventure racing. Just remember to get outside every opportunity you have. Train using multiple disciplines and carry a weighted pack, even if it's for short distances at first. If you've never biked then run immediately after, you'll be really surprised at how hard it is to go from one to the other. Don't forget paddling! It's often the forgotten child of adventure racing, but good paddling could just win you that race! My wife managed to rig up an indoor kayaking machine in our basement with a few carabineers, rope and free weights. You can email her for instructions, if you’d like:

  • Take advantage of low elevation trails.
  • Keep going, even if it’s cold. Learn how to dress for the cold.
  • Use multi-sport training (in the same workout do combos of biking, running and kayaking, if possible).
  • Utilize multi-sport "modalities" at the gym
  • Graduate distances over time
  • Train with a weighted pack
[1] Dan Dellinger, "Snowfall - Average Total in Inches", National Climatic Data Center (accessed January 16 2011).
[2] "Monthly Averages for Colorado Springs", The Weather Channel (accessed January 16 2011).
[3] Stephen Regenold, "Winter Running: Unorthodox Advice", (accessed January 16 2011).
[4] G. Millet, "Physiological Differences between Cycling and Running", National Center for Biotechnology Information (accessed January 16 2011).

Big Mountain Adventure for the Environment
Our organization supports the environment and promotes you to support the environment as well! We follow a goal of BMARE: Big Mountain Adventure Racing for the Environment. We have 5 initiatives to meet this goal the funnest of which is the BMARE Competition!

The BMARE Competition
We hold the BMARE competition at most of our events. BMA provides each team with a trashbag to have our participants collect trash at our venues. There are two conditions for winning BMARE: weight and creativity. The team that collects the most amount of trash by weight wins first prize! The team that provides the most creative display of the trash collected within a 10 minute period wins second prize. Everyone has a chance of winning this competition, but the environment is the real winner!

The prizes for BMARE will vary depending on the event and our sponsor support. Fun times for a good cause! Some current sponsors of BMARE include GoLite and Bestway. We just got the GoLite Visors and 40% off coupons for GoLite gear for the competition and they are sweet! Get your trash-scouting skills honed over the winter, racers, because come the Rock2Rock, the competition is on!

Our Big Mountain Adventure Racing Team does our part in preservation as well. We bring a garbage bag on every training we do to pick up trash while we use our training grounds. We also seek and promote green companies as our sponsors. We also support and promote the products of green companies both as a team and an organization. Big Mountain Adventure practices and promotes Leave No Trace Ethics:
  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors
Preserving the environment we use for our adventures is everyone's responsibility. We as environmental enthusiasts owe it to ourselves and future enthusiasts to maintain and improve our environment. Big Mountain Adventure supports our friends and race participants who are conscious of their impact on the environment and understand their responsibility to preserve it and encourage others to do the same.

Support Our Sponsors
These companies help make BMA races a reality. Help support them!

Nathan Sports Win Insurance Agency
Rock Climbing at CityRock Colorado Zip Line Gear dot com
The Trailhead Colorado Planet Bike Sponsorship
Nuun Carefree Chiropractic
Big Mountain Adventure Power Bar Team Elite Polar Bottle Sponsorship
Kathleen Terry Healing Touch Massage
Robert Villena Photography Numa Sports Optics My Topo Sponsorship
Chamois Buttr Sponsorship GoLite Sponsorship Mountain Chalet Sponsorship Captain Zipline Sponsorship
Challenge Unlimited Sponsorship Gearonimo Sponsorship Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center Sponsorship SportMulti
Aquamira Sponsorship Zanfel Sponsorship Mountain House Sponsorship

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