Rock2Rock: Checkpoint 3 (UCCS transition area/bike drop) Update

Check-in Time / Team number:
10:30 – 301
10:43 – 254, 251, 306
10:44 – 355
10:47 – 109
10:50 – 205
10:52 – 203
10:54 – 255
10:55 – 302, 352
10:57 – 207
10:58 – 204
11:00 – 258
11:03 – 253, 257
11:04 – 208
11:06 – 259
11:07 – 351, 303
11:08 – 402, 354
11:18 – 353
11:20 – 252
11:22 – 253

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Rock2Rock update

The first 4 teams reached checkpoint 3 (UCCS bike drop) at 10:01:30!
Team 107
Team 109
Team 101
Team 106

10:04 – Team 104

10:05 – Team 308

10:06 – Teams 152 and 153

10:25 – Teams 102, 151, 110 and 309

10:28 – Team 356

10:30 – Teams 307 and 301

10:34 – Team 304

Great job, everyone!  Stay warm out there!!

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Rock2Rock Team Placement Updates

Adventure Race!

We will be tracking teams’ progress throughout the race on this blog post.  Please check back periodically to see how your friends and family are doing.  A big thank you to Cami Heaps for keeping this updated throughout the race.

Current Team Standings

(just by race time – penalties are not accounted for)

3-4 coed

2 coed

2 open

solo male

solo female

group division

General Updates:

(in reverse chronological order)
Check back after race start!

Rock2Rock Team List

3-4 Person Coed
301 Magnanimous
302 Pikes Peak Adrenaline
Whose Idea?
Spider Monkeys
Pikes Peak Mountain Warriors
Chic Fource
A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar…
Two outties and an innie
Compensating for Benefits
CrossFit 5280
5280 Too
Nord Vrai

2 Person Coed
201 Chop Chop Little Onion
Team Timex
Who Plotted?
Shake ‘n’ Bake
Dos Patos Locos
DC Hill Rats

2 Person Open
Just Finish
Milky Mamas
Team Muscle Memory
Beer Nuts
Slaughter me nicely
Squirrel Master
Cruizer Team

Solo Male
Jeff LaForce
102 Jonas Reynolds
Bryan Caylor
Crazy Legs
Dakata Thunder
Richard Wood
Ryan Ognibene
Ben Wedeking
Timothy David McNamara
Vance Nixon

Solo Female

151 baarbd
152 Deborah Doyle
Laurien Moes

Large Group / Family (4+ open and 5+ coed)
Last but not least

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Earth Day is Friday but Celebrate it on Saturday with BMA!

Don’t forget about our Big Mountain Adventure Racing for the Environment (BMARE) competition and initiatives at Rock2Rock this Saturday!  Earth Day is April 22nd, but you can help mother on the 23rd while enjoying Rock2Rock.

Racers will have trashbags as well as drop off locations for the bags as it is collected.  The team with the most amount of trash by weight sins first prize and the most creative display of the trash wins second.  The competition is sponsored by SOLE, GoLite, and Bestway.

Read more about BMARE here:

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Excitement Leading Into Rock2Rock

There is a lot of excitement leading into the Rock2Rock Adventure Race.  Racers are putting final touches on their gear, trying to get some last minute training in, and of course wondering more and more about the course.  :)  In due time… your adventure awaits you on Saturday!

Pikes peak sports and OutThereColorado are excited about the race too.  Check out their stories:

Big Mountain Adventure Racing hosts Rock2Rock event this weekend, Rampart RAGE goes July 16th, Pikes Peak Sports

Adventure Racing Goes Beyond Pure Athleticism,

There were many more people wanting to get in on the adventure in Rock2Rock than our first early season race had room for (we’ll change that next year), so don’t miss your chance to get in on the action in July at the Rampart RAGE adventure race!  Registration is open for both a short and long course.

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Registration for the Rampart RAGE adventure race is now open!

Hi Adventurers!

Rock2Rock sold out quite quickly so don’t miss your opportunity to race at this phenomenal venue on July 16th… Rampart RAGE registration is open NOW!

Beginners through seasoned adventure racers can all enjoy! The Sprint race (5-8hr) is aimed at being beginner friendly similar to the Rock2Rock race. However, this course will not have any elements of urban AR and will be absolutely gorgeous. The Sport race (12-15 hr) covers more beautiful ground, focuses more on strategy and teamwork, and will prepare you for our third race in the fall. This will be a memorable adventure race; we’re honored to share it with you. This race is what adventure racing is all about! Both options include trail running, mountain biking, flatwater kayaking, fixed ropes including a cable zipline and rope tyrolean traverse, navigation, and special challenges.

Grab your teammates or brave it solo. We are offering the same flexible categories and now include a 3 open option in the large family/group division. Once again we strive to keep racer costs as low as possible and give you the best possible value so everyone can enjoy! For the 12-15hr race, only $126 gets you in the race, kayaks and paddles included! You can also look forward to a winner prizes and medals for the 12-15hr race, a race t-shirt, a sweet swag bag, post race food (beer tbd), and a gear-filled prize raffle thanks to our generous sponsors. The 5-8hr sprint race is only $89 with all the perks listed above including kayaks and paddles, however the sprint race includes no prizes, only official rankings and winner medals.

Primitive camping at the start/finish location is available as well for $12/night for Friday and Saturday. If interested, please send an email to

Rampart RAGE is a USARA sanctioned event and the 12-15hr race is a part of the Checkpoint Tracker Series!

See you in July!

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Radio Interview on Sports Animal 1300

While on our way to our Kansas race we had a chance to phone in with Len Williams of Colorado Springs Sports Animal 1300 to talk about the Rock2Rock and Rampart RAGE adventure races coming soon in the Colorado Springs area.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Out There Colorado Sports Animal Radio Interview.mp3

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3rd Place in Extreme Breakup AR

Well our first race of the season is over.  Overall we felt we did very well in it.  Did the extra oxygen help?  It seemed so, but it doesn’t replace the need to not accidentally skip a checkpoint and then have to go back, nor did it make us fast enough on the bikes.  We also had about 8 bike malfunctions over the course of this race (preparation, race, and post race)  Oh well – room for improvement next time!  Despite some errors, we qualified for the USARA National Championship race in October!  More pics to come (probably)

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Our first race of ’11!

So, the team is leaving for Kansas tomorrow to attend our first race of the season.  No doubt we have a lot of questions buzzing through our minds.  What will the course be like?  How will we do?  What do we need to pack?  Will the “extra oxygen” help us?  and more.  But I think the biggest question on our minds is:  On the drive there, will we stop to see the worlds biggest prairie dog?!    

Happy weekend everybody!  I hope you all find some adventure!

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Rock2Rock Race is FULL! Registration is now closed.

Rock2Rock is full of adventure and is now full of racers too.  Over the past 48 hours we’ve had 18 registrations.  We wanted to give everyone a better heads up on the nearing of the registration closing, but it was a surprise to us too!

See who is registered here:

If you wanted to race Rock2Rock but didn’t make it in time, consider racing in Rampart RAGE on July 16th.  Registration will open for this race in the next couple weeks.

See you in April!

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