Mount Muscoco Run

Mike and Gabi did a ‘weighted run’ up to Mount Muscoco last night. We loaded 20lbs of weights into our packs and hauled butt up the mountain until the trail got too difficult to run. Man that was difficult! Once we enjoyed the views of North and South Cheyenne Canyon, Cheyenne Mountain, Seven Falls, and Gold Camp Reservoir we headed back down with headlamps and enjoyed the view of Colorado Springs at night. Forgot to take pictures (doh!) so I put in some stock pics; and no, it’s not snowy here right now – they are just older pics.

2.98 miles with 1074ft Elevation Gain

Mount Muscoco Trail Guide

View from Mount Muscoco Trail
View from Mount Muscoco Trail
Muscoco Hike

Muscoco Elevation Profile

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2 Responses to Mount Muscoco Run

  1. James Luttrall says:

    Nice workout! What’s up with you guys doing my kind of workout? We’ll be joining you guys soon.

  2. Michael Lester says:

    Well maybe you inspired us to do that kind of workout!