About Us

Big Mountain Adventure is both a full service event production company as well as an adventure racing team under the name Big Mountain Adventure Racing. We have 19 years of collective and diversified adventure racing experience and decades of athletic experience to help make both our and your adventures a reality.

Our Mission: To provide fun and challenging outdoor events and grow the sport of adventure racing.

Our Objectives:

  1. Keep the costs for participants as low as reasonably possible
  2. Run events in a sustainable and ‘green’ manner
  3. Motivate participants to utilize, grow with, and respect the environment
  4. Be proactive in growing the sport of adventure racing
  5. Offer a variety of events each year
  6. Provide training to newer participants and a sense of community for both long time and new racers
  7. Highlight the communities in which events are held, promoting them as the outdoor recreation destinations they are.

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Big Mountain Adventure, LLC
6644 Flintridge Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Learn more about Big Mountain Adventure Racing:
Big Mountain Adventure Racing – Adventure Events in Colorado

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