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This is YOUR race; do it YOUR way.

We're proud to introduce our newest and most fun race to date: the Urban Springs Adventure on June 14th! It is an urban adventure race featuring our beautiful city of Colorado Springs that allows anyone of any skill level to get out and have some serious fun. This event is hosted in coordination with the 37th annual Springs Spree Celebration in Memorial Park.

The objective: earn points by getting to as many of the destinations and completing as many of the challenges on the course as possible. Winners will be those who have earned the most amount of points. You will have your choice of destinations, special challenges, and scavenger hunts around town and possibly in the woods on foot and/or on bike. You may even walk away with some Colorado Springs souveniers! If you're seasoned racer, don't worry, we also have a more challenging course for you. The event will conclude with a fun paddling challenge on Prospect Lake with paddling gear provided.

We want everyone to join us for this event. Seriously - ask your children (kids 9 and under are free!); ask your wife; ask your lazy friends. They can choose what they do and don't want to do - how far to go or how close to stay. No special gear is required (you will need a smartphone and an ID) and no particular skills are necessary. We'd recommend putting a team together as you will have more fun, but you are welcome to do the race by yourself as well. You may register any team size or composition.

See you out there in June 14th!


Venue: Colorado Springs, CO

Race Format

Fun Fun FUN!
Spoke Race starting and ending in Memorial Park. No particular skills necessary.
Segment 1: On foot adventure with special challenges and tasks around town.
Segment 2: On Bike adventure with special challenges and tasks around town and electively up into the woods.
Segment 3: Short Paddling Challenge on Prospect Lake.
For Seasoned Racers Only: While this event is for everyone, we will include extra distance and challenges (including navigation) for our more hardcore AR crowd.


You will be able to choose what parts of the race you'd like to do and can opt out of any event or challenge. Distance will depend on what you'd like to do. Events/challenges include:
Foot course
Biking Course
Paddling Challenge
Many Secret/Special Challenges
Solos/Teams You will have more fun on this course in teams but you are welcome to do the race by yourself. You may register any team size or composition.
Race Objective Gather points by getting to as many of the destinations and completing as many of the challenges as possible. Winners will be those who have collected the most amount of points.


Details TBD. Currently targetting: Race start at 12PM, must be off of the course by 7PM.


A secondary competition to help clean the environment
Registration: $49 for a solo racer
$44 per member of a team.
Kids under 9 and under are free.
You can add members to your team at any time by using the team name at registration. If you want to form a team you simply add a new team name. Each member of a team can sign up on his or her own with the team name. 
More Details Coming Soon!
Volunteer to help with Urban Springs Adventure

Get a Race Voucher for yourself or a friend or family member
Get a behind the scenes look at an adventure race
Get involved in a friend or family member's passion without having to race with them
Make some new friends
Get some SWAG

There are many reasons to Volunteer at Urban Springs Adventure for BMA. Click here for more information.

No Current Race Updates.

Technically there is no mandatory gear for this race. However, below are some recommendations for you to consider having with you.
  • Mountain Bike (no cyclocross bikes)
  • Bike Helmet
  • Running Shoes
  • One Spare Inner Tube
  • Biking Gloves
  • Hydration System
  • Compass
  • One labeled Bin per team left at Memorial Park
  • Bike Tire inflation (pump, CO2)
  • Bike Repair Tool
  • Pen or Permanent Marker
  • Waterproof First Aid Kit
  • One fully charged cell phone in a waterproof enclosure
  • Sunscreen (highly recommended)
  • Backpack to hold all of your gear
  • Camera

For any questions regarding the Urban Springs Adventure, please send an email to

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