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Rampart RAGE, August 18th 2012

Race has been cancelled due to the Waldo Canyon Fire

Unfortunately, the Waldo Canyon Fire burned part of the Rampart Rage course. The area is officially closed until further notice, preventing us from having the course this year.

After much deliberation, it is with much regret that the owners of Big Mountain Adventure have decided to cancel Rampart Rage for 2012. Subsequent to the Waldo Canyon Fire, there have been many trail and road closures that are still prohibiting us from accessing the planned race course. We are unable to evaluate the conditions of the race course, and only have indication of the timeline for when we would be granted access based on the orders issued by the Pikes Peak Ranger District (see links below for more information).

Additionally, we believe it is the right action to take as a major user of our land. The land and water resources in the area have been tremendously affected by the fire, and we wish to be responsible corporate citizens. Please understand that we deliberated the issue with all aspects of responsibility to you, our racers, and to our community at large. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Refunds will be given for those that have already registered for the race. We can refund your race fee but not your fee if you used Active to register. We are asking if will refund their fees in light of the reason for the race cancellation. There is currently no time table for the refunds but it will be prior to when the race was going to be, of course.

A Really Big Mountain Adventure
In lieu of Rampart Rage, we would like to organize an unofficial fun run/ride and post-season PARTY for all those who planned on doing Rampart Rage and also participants who got evacuated during the Big Mountain Adventure Race @ America’s Mountain participants. Although this is neither an official run/ride or competition, we still need you to RSVP so we can make appropriate parking and dinner reservations. We’re simply going to start riding from downtown Colorado Springs, and we’ll end up back in downtown Colorado Springs. We’re looking into more details currently, and will get the details for the logistics of the day to you as soon as possible. Here’s what we do know:

  • When: August 25th in the AM.
  • Where: Downtown Colorado Springs (we’re trying to organize a free parking area for you!)
  • What: Run and/or ride. We’ll come up with a couple of routes that we’re going to ride and/or run. If you don’t want to do both, you don’t have to. If you just want to ride or just run, that’s just fine. We’ll end up in downtown, and we’ll have a party with some food (bring some money) and some FREE Phantom Canyon Beer. The folks there have been great, and they’re giving us a free keg to help us out!
  • Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!!! Truly, we have a TON of stuff to give away that we didn’t get to give away at the race. We have prizes from Colorado Running Company, Phantom Canyon, Nathan Packs, Planet Bike, Sports Authority, Polar Bottle and more! You’d have to be crazy to not show up—almost everyone will leave with a great (and valuable) prize!
    • Raffle: Thousands of dollars in prizes from all of our awesome sponsors.
    • BMAR Race winners: We’ll try to give away prizes to race division winners—this is TBD based on how grading lots of missing passports goes over the next couple of weeks.
    • MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN PRIZES! We’re sorry, but we just can’t afford to ship all these awesome prizes. This goes for raffle winners and race division winners. If you’re a division winner and cannot be present, you may:
      • Opt for Race Discount
      • Meet up with us locally at a later date for delivery

This event is meant to be a big “Thank You” to all of our racers and volunteers who have made this happen. We’ve loved getting to know all of you over the past couple of years, and we look forward to getting to know you more in the future. We love sharing this great sport and great camaraderie.

Please RSVP by August 15th.

The Big Mountain Adventure is a Checkpoint Tracker Event Both lengths are Checkpoint Tracker Events!


Venue: Wooland Park, CO Rampart Reservoir
Race Distances: 6-9hr: 43-57 total miles
15-18hr:73-140 total miles


Mountain Biking, Running/Trekking, Orienteering, Flatwater Paddling (kayak and paddles are provided), Zipline, Special Challenge

Gear Format:

Gear Drop, no support crew needed
Divisions: 3-4 Coed, 2 Open, 2 Coed, Solo Male, Solo Female, Large Group and Family (3+ open and 5+ coed)

Check-In &
Pre-Race Meeting:

6-9hr: Friday 6-8PM - check-in and drop off gear. Mandatory Pre-race meeting Saturday 5:30AM. Race Start Saturday 6AM
15-18hr: Friday 6-8PM - check-in and drop off gear. Mandatory Pre-race meeting 9PM. Race Start at Midnight.
Post-Race Party & SWAG Raffle: TBD


A secondary competition to help clean the environment
Registration: Now tiered by team size and registration date. See 'Fees' tab. No USARA membership fee this year.

Rampart Reservoir area. More info coming soon.

Discipline 15-18Hr 6-9Hr

18-40 miles with orienteering - single track, bush whack 9-17 miles with orienteering - single track, double track

Mountain Biking
50-80 miles with night orienteering - single track, double track, jeep roads, and some paved road 30-36 miles with minimal orienteering - double track, single track, jeep roads

Lake Kayaking
5 miles flatwater. Inflatable Kayaks and Paddles provided. 4 miles flatwater. Inflatable Kayaks and Paddles provided.

Zip Lining
400ft across a lake with awesome views 400ft across a lake with awesome views

Special Challenge
Yes Yes

The format of this race will include gear/bike drops. No support crews are necessary. You will bring your labeled boxes / bikes either to a central location and BMA staff will drop your gear for you. Your gear will be monitored. The start and finish of this race will be in the same location.

Check-in and Meetings
More info available soon.

The start/finish and main parking area for racers is the Woodland Park Middle School at 600 E. Kelly Rd Woodland Park, Colorado 80863. This school parking lot should be able to hold all racers. More information on parking options will be shared in future race updates.

Race Rules
Specific race rules will be distributed at the pre-race meeting. These build on BMA's General Race Rules. Please note that race rules will be enforced for your safety and to keep the race fair to all participants.

BMARE Competition
Big Mountain Adventure Racing for the Environment (BMARE): We provide each team with a trashbag to have our participants collect trash at the race venue. There are two conditions for winning BMARE: amount and creativity. The team that collects the most amount of trash by weight wins first prize. The team that provides the most creative display of the trash collected within a 10 minute period wins second prize. Everyone has an equal chance to win this competition, but the environment is the real winner. The competition will be judged at the post race party.

Race Fees

Our race fees are now tiered by team size and registration date. Also note there is no USARA membership fee this year which will save you $8. If you don't know your exact team composition but know your size register and update the names later to save some cash!

Volunteer to help with Rampart Rage

Get a Race Voucher for yourself or a friend or family member
Get a behind the scenes look at an adventure race
Get involved in a friend or family member's passion without having to race with them
Make some new friends
Get some SWAG

There are many reasons to Volunteer at Rampart Rage. Click here for more information.

Check back for race updates later!
Mandatory Gear

Personal Equipment

  • Mountain Bike (no cyclocross bikes) (9,18)
  • Bike Helmet (9,18)
  • One Spare Inner Tube (9,18)
  • Biking Gloves (9,18)
  • Climbing Harness - UIAA Approved (9,18)
  • Hydration System (2 liters minimum, 3 liters recommended) (9,18)
  • Emergency Blanket
  • PFD (USGS Approved Type III) (9,18)
  • Headlamp (18 only)
  • Cold Weather Sport Performance Clothing (no cotton!) for night (18 only)

Team Equipment

  • Compass (9,18)
  • Bike Tire Pump (9,18)
  • Bike Repair Tool (9,18)
  • Waterproof First Aid Kit (9,18)
  • One fully charged cell phone in a waterproof enclosure (9,18)

Recommended Equipment

  • bike lighting system (18 only)
  • Water Filtration or tables (There is water along the course)
  • Knife
  • Cold Weather Sport Performance Clothing (no cotton!)
  • Water Resistant Jacket
  • Beanie
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof bags or zip-lock bags for sensitive gear or clothing
  • Bear Spray

Race Winners Prizes

Race prize details coming soon!

See our race report from last year's Rampart Rage race!

For any questions regarding Rampart Rage AR, please send an email to

Rampart Rage Pic

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