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Over the Edge Sprint AR, September 17th 2011
A USARA sanctioned event.

Congratulations to the competitors at the 2011 Over the Edge Adventure Race that took place in the beautiful and rugged Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This was a truly tough course with several thousand feet of elevation gain, over 20 miles of technical single track, a grueling ascension, daring rappel, and a paddle slalom challenge... In short this was no mud run!!

Adventure RaceAt the sound of the air horn blasting through the chilly morning air, racers fought through the uphill burn on Leg 1 of the race. Racers pushed hard up the difficult single track of Blue Grous Trail, gaining more than 1000 feet of elevation until it was time to throw on running shoes for the Rogaine orienteering section. Ryan Ognibene with a time of 44 minutes dominated the orienteering section, followed by Nord Vrai with a time of 47 minutes, grabbing 13 checkpoints using map, compass, and some admirable orienteering skills.

Adventure RaceThen back to mountain bikes, coursing through more uphill single track to the ropes section. Ryan Ognibene blazed first to the ropes course; almost getting there faster than it took race organizers to drive there! Here teams and solo racers had a choice of completing a traverse and slack line, or the 40ft rope ascension. All racers had to complete the rappel. Rockin-zeBOKin won the fastest ascender challenge with an impressive time of only 24 seconds and scored a sweet Camelback hydration pack from Jackrabbit Bike and Trail! Volunteers were definitely impressed by his smooth technique up the ascension. In second place was Ryan Ognibene, just one second behind.

Adventure RaceBack on bikes again for some even more lactic acid accumulating uphill to Panorama Point Overlook. Normally this spot offers a majestic view of the snowy peaks to the northwest of Golden Gate - though the clouds this day had instead decided that an extra weather challenge was in effect. This point also marked the transition from leg burn to some sweet wind-in-your-face, exhilarating downhill. Racers cruised down past Bootleg Bottom back to Kriley Pond.

Adventure RaceNow time to demonstrate some accuracy skills on the paddle! Racers followed a 6 gate slalom course on inflatable kayaks, competing for the fastest time. Great job to Ryan Ognibene for winning this section with the impressive time of 1 minute 39 seconds on the slalom challenge and scoring a Nathan Hydration Pack. In second place was Chrissy Nacos of Nord Vrai, with a time of 1 minute 43 seconds.

Finally, it was time for the running section. This was the last leg of the race, encompassing approximately 7 miles of running and approximately 2000 feet of elevation gain. Racers had to choose checkpoints wisely to make it back by their cutoff times (6pm for heat 1, 6:05pm for heat 2, and 6:10pm for heat 3). Despite the fatigue, many racers did an awesome job completing the full loop in this section.

Adventure RaceThe first to come in was Ryan Ognibene, winner of the solo male division and overall best time (and nearly setting the course on fire with his blazing speed)of 5 hours and 44 minutes with no penalties! Katie Ferrington won the solo female division with a time of 7 hours 56 minutes. The winner of the Two person open division was Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers with a time of 9 hours and 1 minute and team Bacon! won the two person coed division with a time of 10 hours 50 minutes. The prize winning Three/Four coed team division was claimed by Nord Vrai, with an also impressive time of 7 hours and 43 minutes. And finally the large group division was won by Extreme Westsiders with an overall time of 8 hours and 8 minutes.

Adventure RaceWe would like to shout out a huge thanks to all the athletes that braved the cool weather and put forth their best adventure racing spirit, as well as to the awesome volunteers that were the backbone of this race. Also thank you to Alpine Search and Rescue, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, and all the amazing sponsors that helped make the race possible including the generous Nathan Sports, Colorado Running Company, Planet Bike, Trailhead of Buena Vista, Phantom Canyon Brewery and many others!!

Adventure RaceWhether you are in biking or running shoes, carrying paddles or rappel gloves, or navigating through unknown terrain - you master it all and demonstrated what a true adventure racer is ...rugged to the core and capable of anything!

Race Results
Split Times

Adventure Race Adventure Race
Rampart Rage View Over the Edge sunset
The views in this race are awe inspiring!


Venue: Golden Gate Canyone State Park (just west of Golden, CO)

Race Lengths:

Sprint: 6hr race with 9 hr cutoff
Race Distance: Approximately 18-30 tough, beautiful miles


Mountain Biking - a mix of technical, difficult, and sweet single track with some easier double track. No roads. No jeep roads. Mountain bikers will love this course. Beginner bikers will find this course challenging.
Running/Trekking - single and double track as well
Rogaine Style Orienteering - Most of the course will have minimal navigation but there will be an orienteering leg
Ropes Challenges - Rappel, Rope Ascending (Instructional Video), and Low Ropes Challenges. There will be a choice, you may not have to do all events.
Short Paddling Challenge (inflatable kayaks, paddles, and PFDs are provided)

Gear Format:

Hub race - one gear drop at start/finish
Divisions: 3-4 Coed, 2 Open, 2 Coed, Solo Male, Solo Female, Large Group and Family (3+ open and 5+ coed)

Check-In &
Pre-Race Meeting:

Optional Check-in Friday September 16th 5-8PM at JackRabbit Bike and Trail. 2nd Checkin 6:45-8:15AM September 17th at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Mandatory Pre-Race meeting 8:30AM September 17th.
Post-Race Party & SWAG Raffle: 6:30-9PM at the Red Barn on the east side of Golden Gate Canyon State Park


A secondary competition to help benefit the environment
Registration: Registration is now closed.
Final Results
Race Update #1
Final Race Update
The final race of 2011 will take place in the mountain fall of the absolutely beautiful Golden Gate Canyon State park. Golden aspens (cross your fingers!) are your playground at this race west of Golden, CO.

Race Events
Note that events and distances are approximate and subject to change.
Mountain Biking 12-15 miles
Running/Trekking 6-15 miles
Rogaine-style Orienteering There will be an orienteering (map and compass) leg in this race.
Short Paddling Challenge This is a short, fun paddling challenge in a pond. You will be using inflatable kayaks. Kayaks, paddles, and PFDs will be provided.
Ascending Climb the face of a cliff by using mechanical devices to ascend a rope directly (all equipment provided)
Rappel After ascending the cliff you rappel down the other side using a rope
Low Ropes Challenges Upper body and lower body balance challenges.

While the mileage is not high, the difficulty is quite high. This is not the final biking leg design, it is fairly representative of the mountain biking in the race:
elevation profile

Similarly, while this is not the final running/trekking leg, it represents a completion of all running/trekking possible in the race:
elevation profile

This race will be a hub race. All of your gear will be at the start/finish and very near your car. Entrance/parking at the park is included in your entry fee.

Parking in Golden Gate Canyon State Park is limited. You are strongly encouraged to carpool with your team or others up to the park.

Race Rules
Specific race rules will be distributed at the pre-race meeting. These build on BMA's General Race Rules. Please note that race rules will be enforced for your safety and to keep the race fair to all participants.

BMARE Competition
Big Mountain Adventure Racing for the Environment (BMARE): We provide each team with a trashbag to have our participants collect trash at the race venue. There are two conditions for winning BMARE: amount and creativity. The team that collects the most amount of trash by weight wins first prize. The team that provides the most creative display of the trash collected within a 10 minute period wins second prize. Everyone has an equal chance to win this competition, but the environment is the real winner. The competition will be judged at the post race party.

Volunteer to help with Rock2Rock

Get a Race Voucher for yourself or a friend or family member
Get a behind the scenes look at an adventure race
Get involved in a friend or family member's passion without having to race with them
Make some new friends
Get some SWAG

There are many reasons to Volunteer at Over The Edge for BMA. Click here for more information.

Mandatory Gear

Personal Equipment

  • Mountain Bike (no cyclocross bikes)
  • Bike Helmet
  • One Spare Inner Tube
  • Biking Gloves
  • Climbing Harness - UIAA Approved
  • 1 Locking Carabiner
  • Belay Device (ATC or Figure 8)
  • Hydration System (2 liters minimum, 3 liters recommended)
  • Emergency Blanket

Team Equipment

  • Compass
  • Bike Tire Pump
  • Bike Repair Tool
  • Waterproof First Aid Kit
  • One fully charged cell phone in a waterproof enclosure

Recommended Equipment

  • Water Filtration or tables (There are natural springs along the course)
  • Knife
  • Cold Weather Sport Performance Clothing (no cotton!)
  • Water Resistant Jacket
  • Beanie
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof bags or zip-lock bags for sensitive gear or clothing

Race Winners Prizes

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
3-4 Coed TBD Sponsored by Nathan Sports Sponsored by The Trailhead
2 Open Sponsored by Nathan Sports Sponsored by Planet Bike and Polar Bottle None
2 Coed Sponsored by Nathan Sports Sponsored by Planet Bike and Polar Bottle None
Solo Male BMA Race Vouchers, value TBD None None
Solo Female BMA Race Vouchers, value TBD None None
4+ open/5+coed BMA Race Vouchers, value TBD None None

BMARE Prizes

Winners of BMARE get prizes from Golite and Sole.

1st Place (Amount, by weight) 2nd Place (Creative display of trash)
Prize Sponsored by GoLite Sponsored by GoLite

Come enjoy the beauty at Golden Gate Canyon

If you liked the Rampart RAGE race, you'll love the Over the Edge Sprint Race. The beauty is unparalled. The trails are exciting and in the backcountry - you will be on no roads of any kind during this race. The terrain is rugged and inspiring. This will be an epic sprint race! You will be climbing and descending through pine forests, alpine meadows, and golden aspens in the mountain fall. At the peaks of the course you will earn views of the Continental Divide and the Indian peaks Wilderness Area. This gorgeous course lies minutes west of Golden and easy access from anywhere on the front range!

Post Race Party and SWAG Raffle!

All racers will recieve a SWAG bag, a commemorative beer glass (no t-shirts this time), and will be entered into a SWAG raffle. Post Race Party will begin at 6:30PM. Food will be provided and winners will be announced.

Massage Services Available on Race Day

Healing Touch Massage will be at the race to provide massage. Details TBD.

For any questions regarding the Over the Edge Sprint Adventure Race, please send an email to

Prizes and Raffle Sponsored By
Nathan Sports The Trailhead Colorado Planet Bike Sponsorship Polar Bottle Sponsorship
Nuun Rock Climbing at CityRock Colorado Power Bar Kathleen Terry Healing Touch Massage
Numa Sports Optics My Topo Sponsorship GoLite Sponsorship Mountain Chalet Sponsorship Zanfel Sponsorship
Captain Zipline Sponsorship Challenge Unlimited Sponsorship Gearonimo Sponsorship Chamois Buttr Sponsorship SportMulti
Aquamira Sponsorship

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